Zuzu Capra apprehend consistently acrimonious summer alleged anniversary

Karolyn Grimes was aloof 6 years old aback she was offered to arise in a cine that would consistently change her life.

By then, she had already done four movies. But in the summer of 1946, she got to assignment on a new activity blue-blooded “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The Frank Capra-directed classic, which starred Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, has become a admired ceremony attitude beyond the globe.

The blur centers on the appearance of The King’s Man George Bailey, played by Stewart, who considers suicide until his guardian angel intervenes and shows him all the bodies whose lives he has affected and the aberration he has fabricated in the community. One memorable appearance is Zuzu, played by Grimes. She gets to say, ″Every time a alarm rings, an angel gets his wings.

It was the Jimmy Stewart Museum! They alleged me and said they were out of my book because it was accounting 25 years ago. So I anticipation it was time to address a new one for the 75th anniversary. The administrator admired the abstraction and we got to assignment appropriate abroad because there weren’t abounding bodies about larboard who were allotment of this film. But it was absolutely agitative for me to assignment on it. I’ve been traveling all over the apple and bodies consistently appetite to apprehend belief about “It’s a Wonderful Life” and what it was absolutely like authoritative it.

We didn’t accept auditions aback in the day. We had interviews. And best of the kids had the aforementioned agent. So if the flat said, “We appetite a blond-hair, baby brindle kid,” they had a duke at acrimonious the best adolescent for the role. They had a duke at acrimonious everyone, alike the extras. I batten to Mr. Frank Capra himself and abutting affair you know, I got the role!


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Zuzu Capra apprehend consistently acrimonious summer alleged anniversary

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