Women’s soccer coming to Pierce

Information about the Women’s soccer team at Pierce College.



Mackenzie Hendricks


Pierce College has recently announced the introduction of women’s soccer in the fall of 2013.

The Pierce College athletic department has attempted to bring women’s soccer to the college for around a decade. Duncan Stevenson, director of district athletics, explained that the number of women’s soccer teams in the area has surpassed the amount of men’s soccer teams during that span of time.

Stevenson said they had filed two requests to induct women’s soccer in the past, both to no avail. This year, Stevenson and the rest of the athletic department were approached by the student leaders who were interested in introducing another sport to the college. Recognizing the opportunity, the athletic department filled out a budget request and started other preparations. The next step is for the team to be accepted by the Board of Trustees.

“It will really complement our program,” Stevenson said. “Now we are just trying to get the word out.”

The athletic department hopes to have a coach by the middle of next month. Until then, Chris Hanson, who is involved in the Pierce College men’s soccer program, and other members of the athletic department are undergoing the recruiting process. The recruiters are looking for both those graduating from high school and students at the college now.

“There is a lot of opportunity for girls to join the soccer team and make history,” said Hanson, who wishes to be a coach for the women’s soccer team.

The eligibility for women’s soccer is comparable to all other Pierce College athletics. An interested player must be a high school graduate and a full time college student.

Incoming and current students interested in playing soccer for the inaugural season of women’s soccer at Pierce are encouraged to contact the athletic program or Stevenson.

There will also be two interest meetings held for those seeking additional information. One will be June 4 from 1-2 p.m. in the Connections Café within the College Center at the Puyallup campus. The second interest meeting takes place the following day, June 5, at the same time but in room 102 of the Health Education Center at Ft. Steilacoom.

“We are just excited to add this program to our sports we have now,” Stevenson said. “We think we will find success and start a foundation here.”

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Women’s soccer coming to Pierce

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