Winter disaster preparedness

How to prepare for the upcoming winter


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Winter is almost here, and that means ice storms and blackouts are in the near future. Here are a few helpful hints to get through the season safely.

Always keep a safety kit in the car. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, there are necessities that should occupy every vehicle. Here are some of the items that should be available in a winter storm survival kit:

n Tire chains

n Flashlight with extra batteries

n First-aid kit

n High-calorie, non-perishable food and water

n Jumper cables

Disaster preparedness doesn’t stop at the inside of a motor vehicle. Winterize the home with a disaster preparedness kit. Washington state is no stranger to blackouts, so having a disaster preparedness kit in a home as well as a vehicle is important.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide multiple checklists to allow for a safe home when winter disasters strike; these include a communication checklist, a food and safety checklist and several others to ensure every home is prepared. Here are some of the supplies that are highly encouraged, along with safety tips to prevent any harm:

n Have an alternative heat source (fireplace or portable space heaters).

n Canned/no-cook foods (bread, crackers or dried fruits).

n Never use charcoal grills or portable gas camp stoves indoors because the fumes are deadly.

n If pipes freeze, thaw them slowly with warm air from an electric hair dryer.

n Use rock-salt to melt ice on walkways.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to be connected with a satellite radio, and listen in on weather reports, this way all listeners can be prepared to take the next step.

The act of taking safety precautions should be top priority when a town turns into a winter wonderland, but when boredom tackles its winter storm victims, entertainment may become next on the priority list. Have a deck of cards or a board game nearby to pass time.

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Winter disaster preparedness

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