Pierce College theater helps each student find their voice

The upcoming play at Pierce College gives students an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try out drama.

Dana Montevideo, Reporter

Seeing posts about upcoming theater auditions can be scary for students thinking about auditioning. Thoughts of not being talented enough could race through students heads, but drama directors Nichole Nicholson and Sam Sloan encourage students who entertain the slightest consideration of auditioning to try out for the college’s play.
Audition dates for the upcoming play Wild Washington are in the Black Box Theater in the Arts and Allied Health Building on Sept. 28 from 4- 6 p.m. and Sept. 29 from 2 p.m. until whenever Nicholson decides. Students are welcome to audition both days.

“We want people auditioning at all levels,” Sloan said. “People with zero experience, or people who have experience.”

The upcoming play is a devising show directed by Nicholson. Going into rehearsal, no script exists, and it’s the only a topic in which the cast and crew build into a full play.

“Everybody’s voice gets to be part of the show somewhere,” Nicholson said while talking about the fall show, Wild Washington, which integrates acting and the environment.

Nicholson and Sloan observe that students finish shows with more confidence in giving voice to their creative impulses.

“There are things that you learn by performing them,” Sloan said when talking about the point of theater and why it’s a growing experience for students.
Adding an afterschool activity can be overwhelming, while attending community college, balancing classes and work, however, theater can be a place for fun and relaxation.

“If you’re doing it right, it will help all the other stuff not feel as quite as burdensome,” Nicholson said.

Upcoming shows this year include The Rhinoceros, a surrealist show directed by Sloan.

Dr. Joshua Potter-Dineen will direct R U R, one of the earliest sci-fi plays written featuring one of the earliest mention of robots in literature.

Guest artist Tim Miller will work with students on a weeklong devised play in the winter, which is an opportunity for students of all majors to learn about theater and each other.

Even if auditioning for a play sounds out of the comfort zone, it can push students to become more confident and comfortable.
“It’s called a play for a reason,” Sloan said.

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Pierce College theater helps each student find their voice

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