Who’s watching the Connection Café television?

Television in the Connections Cafe, are there better places to channel college resources?

Anna Foster

The Connection Café in the College Center is usually a busy and noisy place filled with students relaxing, drinking coffee, chatting and studying in the comfortable maze of lounge chairs and small tables. Students visit the Connection Café for a variety of reasons, but one thing students rarely do is stare at the TV that looms over the room near the ceiling.
The TV in the Café was purchased in 2006, but students seem to hardly notice its presence. It was installed originally to be similar to the other TVs on campus, used as a promotional tool for campus events and clubs, but during the years the TV’s purpose has become unclear. The TV is rarely turned on and when it is, students have no control over the programs being shown. In fact, the only people allowed to change the channel are the Office of Student Life members.
Pierce College is even paying to have a subscription to DIRECTV cable.
Sean Cooke, director from the Office of Student Life, explained that the TV has cable because it’s geared toward bringing students together to watch programs such as the news, World Cup, the Olympics and other major televised events. It’s also able to project images from a computer that it’s plugged into and can be used as a presentation tool.
The majority of students who were spoken to expressed disinterest and even complete ignorance of it. A few students hadn’t even noticed it was there until questioned about it.
“I never noticed it until today,” student Hunter Bassett said.
Other students agreed that the arrangement of the chairs weren’t conducive to watching the television, which is placed high above eye level. One student said they believed the television should be removed because the Connection Café was not a place students should quietly watch TV.
“Usually I just do homework or hang out with friends,” student Joseph Sanchez said. Even though it’s not used in the day time, the TV has proven to be quite popular when it comes to the evening Seahawk games.
How would you like to see the TV used?

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Who’s watching the Connection Café television?

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