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Mackenzie Hendricks highly recommends the television series White Collar.



Mackenzie Hendricks


Breaking into high-security buildings, forging documents, copying famous paintings and imitating thousand-year-old wines are only a few of Neil Caffrey’s many abilities in the TV show White Collar.

White Collar, created by Jeff Eastin, is currently in its fifth season. It premiered in 2009 and is rated TV-14.

Matt Bomer plays the charming protagonist, a skilled forger and thief named Neil Caffrey.

After escaping prison to find his girlfriend, Caffrey allows himself to be caught again by FBI Secret Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) when his girlfriend rejects him. To avoid a life behind a jail cell, Caffrey becomes an FBI consultant to the reluctant Agent Burke.

Although the relationship between Caffrey and Burke is rocky at the beginning, the two form an impressive team. Yet, with Caffrey’s expansive knowledge of criminals also comes his inability to avoid a con, which often strains their growing friendship.

Caffrey also deals with secret plots lurking under the surface, including his ex-girlfriend, corrupt government agents and his estranged father. The plot is unpredictable and interesting, and each season ends with a shocking cliff-hanger that leaves viewers waiting anxiously for the next season.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the show, aside from the well-written dialogue, is Caffrey’s best friend Mozzie (Willie Garson). Mozzie has severe paranoia, to the point of refusing to step into the FBI office when he assists on cases, and he refers to Burke as “the Suit.” Mozzie’s epidemic memory and talent in practically every skill set makes him a valuable asset in helping Caffrey solve his cases. He also frequently supports Caffrey in illegal cons, much to Burke’s displeasure.

With action-packed scenes, interesting dialogue and well-developed characters, White Collar is good for anyone searching for humor and a good crime series.


I give White Collar: 5/5


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White Collar (USA Network)

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