Where to live while going to college

Where should you live while going to school?

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A decision students attending community colleges often face is whether living at their parents’ home or living elsewhere is a better choice. Either option has pros and cons, and what works well for one student might not work well for another.

“[Living out of the house] is a huge benefit for me. One main benefit is that I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want to,” student Jason Nazzaro said. “A negative aspect of living on my own is if I don’t do the dishes, they don’t just magically disappear like they did when I lived with my parents. I would definitely recommend living out of the house to other people.”

According to Areavibes.com, an online real estate data base, the median rent expected in the city of Puyallup is $963 per month., $162 more per month than the national median of $801.

Apartmentguide.com currently lists 310 available apartments in the Puyallup area. None are listed under $500 per month.

While apartment hunting is one option for students, there are other ways to not live at home and save some money. Many local churches offer part-time internships that provide housing along with the cost of the internship. Some families even opt to hire live-in nannies, the perfect job for a college student who loves kids and is looking for cheap housing.

Of course, if the option is available, living at home while attending Pierce is an acceptable alternative.

“I live at home. I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to live at home while going to school because I know a lot of students’ parents don’t let them,” Mikayla Wibmer said. “I still work and I’m able to save my money for when I do move out. I would recommend to live at home if it’s an option for other students because I feel like you are able to focus on your grades and not have to stress about coming up with rent payments.”

Finding the right solution to fit each student is the key to making sure the living situation is comfortable.

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Where to live while going to college

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