Where to grab a bite to eat on campus

Good eats on campus.

Kate Hammermaster


Over the course of an academic career, students will inevitably come across a severe problem: being hungry at school.

For the planners and the packers, this is not such a problem. The hungry student needs only to pull out their pre-planned brown bag lunch, and their hunger is resolved. But to the student caught off-guard, they may be facing a series of difficult decisions.

To many students’ relief, Pierce offers a wide variety of food options. Hunger-stricken students can purchase necessary sustenance at the bookstore, the Cafe in the College Center, and at vending machines located in every building across campus.

Some students may find this array of options to be overwhelming. But now, they can rest relieved. Displayed before the hungry and confused student is a breakdown of what’s available to buy, and where to buy for the best deal.

The Bookstore: Located in the College Center, the Bookstore boasts multiple brands of snack bars and candy bars. Candy Bars cost $1 and snack bars start at $1.99 for a Kind Bar or a Special K bar. Bags of chips, Chex Mix, and other crunchy snacks and bars can be purchased within a range of two to four dollars, but better deals can be found at vending machines. The best deal the bookstore has to offer is its gum. A wide variety of gum ranges from $1 to $2 and comes in packs of 10-15 pieces, a much better deal than the $1 five-piece pack from the vending machine

Vending Machines: Students wishing to buy a candy bar can also purchase them at any of the vending machines across campus. The average price for candy bars from a vending machine is $1.25. Bags of candy and bags of chips, however, may be more cost-effective coming from a vending machine. The campuswide cost for a bag of chips from a vending machine is $1. Cookies and some pastries can also be bought at almost all of the vending machines; Pop-tarts cost 25 cents less than at the bookstore, but cookies are priced the same.

College Cafe: The College Café hosts the largest variety of foods, and most complete meals. Espresso Plus sells the only coffee on campus. A grande cup of plain coffee costs $1.95, and a more elaborate drink, like a mocha, costs about $3.75.

Prices range from $1 for a muffin or Danish pastry to $2.50 for a scone. Pre-made salads are $4.50 and fruit cups are $2.95.

Sabino’s Sandwiches and Salads offer three salads, nine different sandwiches, three wraps and a soup of the day. Prices range from $4.75 to $6.50.

The College Grill makes different breakfast combinations for students all day. The simplest item is two eggs for $2. Breakfast burritos and French Toast Sticks are just a sample of the more extravagant breakfast items.

The College Grill cooks also make burgers that cost between $2.75 and $4.75. Add on $3 to any burger and make it a combo with a small fry and soda. The grill sells one of the cheapest lunch options, a single corndog. The cost is $1.75.

“I really like the fries,” said student Taylor Shook, of one of the Grill’s most popular items.

Nicholas Holzer agreed, but found other items at the College Grill that he also liked.

“I think the grilled cheese is good,” he said.

The last stop at the Cafe is The Pit Stop. The Pit Stop provides students with Taco Salads, Nachos, Beef and Chicken Taquitos. With all food options costing more than $5, some may consider this costly, but the portions and taste make it worth the expense. Flatbreads pizzas cost about $4.50, and can be custom made with a variety of topping options.

Students can quench thirst at the bookstore, vending machines, or college café. Quenching thirst can occur at any of the options above. Vending machines sell a large variety of drinks that include soda, juice, flavored waters, and Red Bull. Most sodas cost $1.60, which is 10 cents cheaper that the bottled sodas from the Cafe. However, Lipton Iced tea and Ice, a sparkling water drink, can only be found at the Cafe. The Cafe also has a fountain soda machine. The small cup is ten cents less than the cost of a bottle or can from the vending machines, while the large drink is $2.39. The Bookstore sells the same variety of drinks as most vending machines at the same prices.

If a student wants a full meal, the Cafe is the best place to go. Snacks are affordable at the bookstore and at vending machines. Drinks can be purchased almost anywhere, and prices stay fairly consistent throughout the campus.


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Where to grab a bite to eat on campus

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