Where do students study?

The ideal study place, according to Pierce students, is a quiet, comfortable and friendly area.


Nichole Snorteland

Contributing writer

The ideal study place, according to Pierce students, is a quiet, comfortable and friendly area.

Students surveyed said they occasionally use the library to study but prefer other on-campus locations.

“I like to use the student center because I can hang out with my friends and do whatever I want while I do my homework,” one student said.

Another student said she liked the computer center because someone is available to answer her questions.

In an informal survey on campus in October, students were asked “Why aren’t you studying in the library?”

Students 20 years of age and older said the library is too noisy, people are talking on their cell phones in there, all the computers are taken, people are snacking, groups of students are loud and it’s too crowded.

Students less than 20 years old had similar experiences as the older group of students interviewed but also said they would rather study outside the library because they like to eat while they study, it’s less distracting, they own their own computer and they want use their phones.

They also said they sometimes will use the library but put their headphones in to drown out the distractions.

Another group of students interviewed were three groups of students studying together.

After receiving the same responses as the individual students, they were asked why as a group they weren’t in the group study area of the library.

Some said they didn’t know there was one.

The students in groups were asked what they thought about the new quiet study area in the library and agreed that they liked the area.

“I love the area and use it before tests, but I find it ironic a library needs to have a quiet study area,” one student said. “Shouldn’t the whole library be a quiet study area?”

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Where do students study?

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