What’s your pet peeve?

People often have pet peeves. What makes relationships last is how someone deals with those pet peeves.

Molly McCoy

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People often have pet peeves. What makes relationships last is how someone deals with those pet peeves. Although pet peeves usually are annoying and could break an otherwise pleasant relationship, it doesn’t mean they can’t be helped or fixed.

It’s normal when someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend irritates them. Men and women are different.

It’s the same for pet peeves. They are different for men and women.

Women seem to get jealous more easily compared to men. They get mad over little things that wouldn’t bother men.

When men were interviewed to find out what their No. 1 pet peeve is in a relationship, it wasn’t an easy question for them to answer.

Most of them had to think about it. They usually responded with “umm…” or “Wow, that’s a tough one” before they came up with a few of their pet peeves.

Being clingy was one that was mentioned during almost every interview.

“A clingy or needy girl annoys me. I like an independent girl. One that isn’t calling me every 10 minutes to see what I’m doing. I need some of my own time and so does she,” Jeffrey Miller said.

The second most common pet peeve was a girlfriend who tries too hard.

“I remember having a girlfriend in high school who tried way too hard. I like a natural girl not a fake one. I like a girl that can be goofy and doesn’t care what she looks like around me,” Nick Henkel said.

Christian Stiles explained that relationships need equality.

“A girl who has double standards or is hypocritical in the relationship is irritating. For example, if I were to leave my stuff around, she would get mad at me for being messy. After she gets mad at me for leaving my stuff around, she does the same thing she just told me not to do,” he said.

It’s easier for women to identify their pet peeves.

They don’t need to think about them. They have plenty to list.

“It really bothers me when my boyfriend and I are hanging out and he’s on his phone texting. I think it’s rude,” Michele Carl said.

The attitude makes a difference.

“My biggest pet peeve is when I’m with my boyfriend when he’s around his friends and he gets really cocky. Confidence is great, but being too confident is not attractive, it’s just annoying,” Sierra Miles said.

Bad hygiene, not being polite, too much joking and laziness were a few of the more popular pet peeves.

“I had a boyfriend who constantly put people down, even if he didn’t know them. He was very judgemental too. It made him feel better about himself, which really bothered me,” Sam Montgomery said.

The top pet peeves of people in a national survey were nagging, lying, drama and indecisiveness in a relationship. In this survey of 15,000 people ages 16 to 35, the genders were divided equally.


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What’s your pet peeve?

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