What you should know if you elect to cast a ballot

Katie Ardmore
Editor in Chief

How do I register to vote? Students can register to vote online. Go to www.sos.wa.gov and click on the “Online Voter Registration” link. All that’s needed to register is the information from a driver’s license. Another option is visiting a local Department of Licensing office to register in person.

How do I know who or what I’m voting for? Once someone is registered to vote, he or she will receive  the voter pamphlets in the mail. Voter information also can be found on the “My Vote” website. Voters log into “My Vote” with their names and birthdays. The website shows all the information a voter needs. The website lists election and candidate information, ballot drop box locations, current elected officials and more.

How do I vote? Ballots are mailed to all registered voters. Voters must then fill out the ballot and either mail them or put them in a local ballot drop box.

Why should I care? Many proposals on the ballot apply directly to college students. These could include proposed cuts to education funding that causes tuition increases and deductions in student services. Many proposed tax increases affect students such as the soda, candy and gum taxes.  It also matters who is elected. If an elected official has an agenda that’s not consistent with students’ needs, budget cuts may be made in all the wrong places.

What difference does it make if I vote? Voting is the greatest way for students to get involved with issues they care about. If students don’t want tuition rises, they should vote against cuts to education. If students don’t want to be represented by a certain party, they should vote for their own party’s representative. Also, if students don’t vote, their opinions won’t be heard. Now, more than half of voters are 50 years old or older. If younger college students want something to happen that they agree with, they need to vote.



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What you should know if you elect to cast a ballot

by Katie Ardmore time to read: 1 min