What it’s like getting a tattoo

I sign away what seems to be my life as I sit in the tattoo parlor for the first time. I am so scared of needles, so this was a big deal to me.

Sheena Danner

Contributing writer


The instantaneous feeling of pain pulsing through my wrist was hard to take at first, but I could eventually grin and bear it.

A week prior, I really wasn’t thinking about how painful it was going to be or how it would smell. I just thought about the permanency and how I would always remember what would be engraved on me. I had been planning to get a tattoo for a few years, making sure I knew exactly what I wanted.

I went to the same tattoo parlor as my dad and a few of my friends. All these mindless steps turn out to be fairly crucial when choosing to mark your body in such manner.

When I was getting my tattoo I noticed the tattoo parlor was a clean environment with no particular odor. The tattoo artist was focused and seemed to know what he was doing.

Knowing for sure what you want and where you want it are one thing, but the choice of where to go to get it done is just as important.

Overall, people should be confident in their decisions because even with the latest technology, some tattoos really are permanent.


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What it’s like getting a tattoo

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