What is your least favorite Thanksgiving food?

Favorite Thanksgiving foods according to Pierce students

Megan Lucero





Nicholas Holzer: “Cranberry sauce, it’s like this weird sweet food they throw at you.”






Brandon Raymond: “Cranberry sauce because it’s gross.”






Adam Masucci: “Turkey, because in my young years, a turkey saved my life, and I’ve befriended this beautiful species.”







Sara Thomson: “I don’t really like thanksgiving foods.”






Tyrone Joe: “I hate turkey because it’s all dry. I like chicken.”






Jesse McHenry: “Pumpkin pie, because I like sweet potato pie.”






Susanna Galanesi: “I hate cranberry sauce. It doesn’t go with anything on the table.”







Andrey Kondratyuk: “I don’t like yams. It’s like potatoes, but it’s not a potato. They don’t go with anything.”





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What is your least favorite Thanksgiving food?

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