What is considered cheating?

Ever been cheated on? Ever cheated on someone else? The answer to either of these questions could be “yes.”

Tessa LaVergne

Managing Editor

Ever been cheated on? Ever cheated on someone else? The answer to either of these questions could be “yes.”

But, how can students know if they really have been cheated on or cheated themselves? Opinions on campus differ on what is considered cheating.

Some consider cheating to be only physical contact, while others believe cheating can happen through technology. This includes texting and the Internet.

The common term “sexting” is the act of sending risque picture messages or text messages.

“I consider sexting to be cheating,” Pierce College student Trevor Montgomery said. “If you’re with someone, then don’t try to go behind their back,” he continued.

Montgomery believes that people can be good friends with someone of the opposite sex while in a relationship. He thinks it is good to always have someone else outside of the relationship to talk to about things but that it shouldn’t get sexual with that person.

Pierce College student Kyle Litzenberger seems to have different views.

“Once you set a higher priority with your ‘good friend of the opposite sex’ over your significant other is when you are crossing the line into cheating,” Litzenberger said.

Litzenberger believes that when a conversation with a good friend becomes flirtatious, that person should stop talking to them if they’re in another relationship.

The beliefs of these students were similar in many ways. Like these three students, many others have their own viewpoints about cheating.

Student Brittany Jarman believes webcams can be used for cheating.

“I think that inappropriately Skyping with someone other than the person you are dating is considered cheating, but it’s not as bad as actually having sex with someone else,” Jarman said.

According to an online survey, 34 percent of those surveyed believe it’s possible to have a romantic relationship on the Internet; Younger respondents were more likely to think so but 21 percent of those older than 65 did as well.

“Fundamentally, what social media has done is make it unbelievably easier to flirt and meet people and follow up,” says David Jones, global CEO of an ad and marketing agency.

Jarman agrees with Litzenberger and Montgomery that people can be good friends with the opposite sex outside of your relationship, just as long as it doesn’t get flirty and touchy.

The online survey asked whether online relationships are truly cheating. Most said that it was.

Only 5 percent of respondents agreed with the statement “Having a strongly sexual relationship online doesn’t count as cheating on your partner.”


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What is considered cheating?

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