Welcome Days kick off spring quarter

The Pierce College Puyallup Office of Student Life hosted Welcome Days, a two-day event on April 3-4

Andrea Mendoza, Reporter

Welcome Days were held April 4 and 5 for new and returning students for Spring quarter.

Welcome Days is a quarterly tradition held by the Office of Student Life. It’s intent is to start off the new quarter with a welcoming environment for the students attending Pierce College Puyallup.

“This my first quarter at pierce and with all this stuff going on, I’m glad I decided to go to college,” student Kira Ramirez said. “I do wish it was everyday though.”

This spring quarter, Welcome Days had many activities for students to participate in. Activities such as a bunny petting farm, zorb balls, rock climbing, trampoline bungee jumping, pie eating contest, caricature artist and henna were all apart of the festivities ensuring that the quarter started out with new heights in trampoline bungee jumping, cozy bunny cuddles and cool body art.

“I didn’t know what henna was until I saw it here,” student Gina Whalen said “there was a lot of cool things going around. It was the first time I’d ever gotten in one of those hamster balls.”

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Welcome Days kick off spring quarter

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