Wednesday 13 offers ‘Condolences’ on new album

Chase Charaba, Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday 13 released his seventh studio album, Condolences, on June 2. This is the horror rock musician’s first release with Nuclear Blast records and it features a heavier sound as the band transitions toward metal.

Wednesday 13 hasn’t achieved much fame in the U.S., despite having previously been the vocalist of The Murderdolls, a group that also included former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordinson. It’s odd, especially since his music is so different and so good.

Inspired by Alice Cooper, every Wednesday 13 album showcases a different sound, but they all feature the same horror-infused rock n roll and metal that his fans enjoy and anticipate.

Condolences opens with Last Rites, a short introduction to the album that launches right into the lead single, What the Night Brings. What the Night Brings is a great, straight-forward Wednesday 13 song that’s heavier than much of the band’s earlier work but still has a good hook and chorus. Like most Wednesday 13 songs, the lyrical themes are dark, such as when Wednesday sings, “I am the one that sits at the foot of your bed, when you think you’re alone at night, to make sure you’re tucked in all so tight.” It’s a standout track on the album.

Cadaverous is another standout track that should’ve been released as a promotional single. It might be one of Wednesday’s heaviest songs to date that could’ve fit right in on his fifth album, The Dixie Dead, and is sure to be on repeat for many of his fans.

Blood Sick was the album’s second single released a month before the album. The song opens with the lyric, “So said the spider to the fly,” and the song appears to narrate a fly trapped in a web, but it most likely about something more than that. This song might be the best one on the album.

Good Riddance is a great track, but it’s forgettable. It doesn’t standout like many of the other songs on the album. The chorus seems weak compared to its verses and it doesn’t do much to appeal to listeners and may be subjected to being skipped over.

You Breathe, I Kill is a complete metal track. Everything about the song is heavy, from the rapid drums to the background vocals. It’s ambitious, but it might not be enough to standout.

Omen Amen so far appears to be a fan favorite from the album while Cruel to You is a fun song much like Wednesday’s earlier work, full of cheesy lyrics about being the boogie man and putting someone out of their misery. The music video shows Wednesday following a girl around with various weapons like an ax and it’s poorly done. It just doesn’t do this amazing song justice.

Prey for Me is another forgettable track on the album that leads into Lonesome Road to Hell, which is another throwback Wednesday 13 song that has a more commercial sound, other than the violent lyrics.

The title track is also spectacular. It’s a lot slower and some parts are on the verge of a ballad. It’s a haunting song that could have been on his third album Skeletons and would be great for the band’s acoustic tours in the fall.

The album ends with Death Infinity, the softest song on the album. It describes how death is forever and how life begins at death. It’s an interesting way to end such a heavy album and has an almost airy vibe.

Condolences is an album worth buying and it’s Wednesday 13’s best since 2013’s The Dixie Dead.

I give this: 5/5

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Wednesday 13 offers ‘Condolences’ on new album

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