We sink our teeth into the fare at Bob’s Burgers

A review on the new Bob’s Burgers restaurant.

Shelly Beraza


As I walked into Bob’s Burgers, I was instantly impressed by their front entrance, which displayed a huge blue-gray tiled wall with their sign up front. It almost reminded me of river rock. Surrounded by a bright yellow wall, it really set off the décor. Exposed deep burgundy ceilings were throughout the restaurant and gave patrons plenty to look at.

The wait for lunch was short at only 10 minutes. I was seated promptly next to a huge wall of windows that let in an ample amount of light. The road noise of Meridian Avenue is silenced by the building and I barely realized the restaurant was on a busy street.

The menu had plenty to choose from, including wraps, burgers, chicken burgers, salads, seafood, sandwiches, desserts and a bevy of beverages for all ages.

Our waitress greeted our group quickly and was very attentive. We were asked frequently if we were doing okay and to refill our beverages.

I ordered the Thai Chicken Wrap with jo’s. The sweet chili sauce was delicious while the contrast between the soft ingredients and crunchy chow mein noodles was a nice surprise. The jo’s were perfectly cooked and the dill-ranch dip they served was excellent.

Kaitlyn Hall, a co-editor on the newspaper, ordered a grilled cheese with jo’s. She’s vegetarian, so it was an easy choice for her. The grilled cheese is on the kid’s menu, but our server was happy to give her an adult version with a large serving of jo’s.

Lacey Longpré, a co-editor on the newspaper, ordered a chicken bacon ranch burger with fries. Bob’s Burgers doesn’t skimp on the food; the burger was huge and full of delicious toppings, as well as a full plate of fries.

Longpré also ordered the apple pie a la mode, which was the pie of the day. It came out warm and looking amazing. Longpré stated it tasted fresh, which is always a good thing.

After everyone asked for boxes to take home our “second” meals, we also were satisfied with the prices. For a hearty meal and dessert, it comes out roughly at $25, including tip. For just the meal it rounds up to $14, while a kid’s meal comes up to around $10.

Overall the food, atmosphere and service were all excellent and I’ll definitely be going back.

3/5 stars


Lacey Longpre



Plentiful in food and service, Bob’s Burgers is a restaurant that satisfies a customer’s appetite, despite some of its drawbacks.

The atmosphere is welcoming, and seemed fitting for a restaurant trying to establish a burger joint theme. The eatery provides flat screen televisions for individuals to watch sports games while enjoying their meals.

However, the seating area I was placed in was crammed with another group of people behind me. Getting booth seating may be a better choice for anyone who plans to eat there, and it may be a more comfortable option.

It was a pleasant surprise to sit by a window facing Meridian Avenue and have no sound from the traffic noise. Unfortunately, the restaurant’s clamor of customers made up for that.

Bob’s Burgers provides large proportions of food that is fresh and fulfilling. Nonetheless, prices are large as well. For students trying to stay frugal, this may not be the best place to eat.

Despite its flaws, the service was fast and efficient. I found it to be an impressive feat considering how crowded the establishment was.

Overall, it was a nice experience. Bob’s Burgers gives a descent atmosphere and a satisfying meal.

3/5 stars


Kaitlyn Hall


The Bob’s Burgers chain recently opened up its newest restaurant in Puyallup.

The restaurant is conveniently located near Meridian Avenue and boasts a spacious parking lot, outdoor fireplace, and pleasant curb appeal.

I was pleasantly surprised by the interior design of Bob’s Burgers. The colors were warm renditions of classic burger-joint colors, and the exposed plumbing and ductwork painted a deep burgundy and concrete flooring paired well.

I arrived at the restaurant at 1:30 p.m. on a Friday, and I was stunned by how busy it was. We waited 10 minutes for a table, and then found ourselves surrounded by a sea of other customers.

Though the building muted the road noise from Meridian Avenue, it held in the noise of the customers eating in the restaurant. I felt as if I had to shout across the table to my colleagues, Shelly and Lacey.

As a vegetarian, I had a difficult time finding food to eat on the menu. Though its lunch menu listed at least 40 items, purely vegetarian options were limited.

I was happy that it listed Gardenburgers as a substitution for the meat patties; however, the added cost of switching to a veggie patty would have meant that a burger would have cost me about $15 before tax and a tip.

I thoroughly enjoyed my final choice: a grilled cheese sandwich with jo’s. The portion sizes were quite large, and I was able to take some of the jo’s—which reheat well—home. With a tip, my food cost $10.

Though I enjoyed the company of my colleagues, I wouldn’t regularly visit Bob’s Burgers. The ambiance was lacking, there weren’t many alternatives for people on special diets and the food was overpriced.

2/5 stars

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We sink our teeth into the fare at Bob’s Burgers

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