WASSUP with our soda pop?

Congratulations for the men’s basketball team were cut short when it was announced that the success in the playoffs would move Pierce College from the WCCA to the Western Area Sports State University Programs competition.

“Now we’re in WASSUP?” sophomore Sam Clay asked confusedly. “What’s up with that?”

The WASSUP conference includes Brigham Young University, a fact which has left a bad taste in some student’s mouths. That taste, of course, is not from sugar or caffeinated drinks, both of which have been banned from campus under WASSUP athletic regulations.

Due to strict codes followed by universities such as BYU, all caffeine and sugar filled drinks must be banned from campus.

“It really comes down to whether we want our sports or our coffee and sodas. I for one know how important sports are to some people, we can’t just give it up” said non-biased Basketball player Ivan Manelly

As the transition from WCCA to WASUP finalizes, students will see drinks that contain caffeine or sugar removed from campus as well as banned from being brought onto campus.

































































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WASSUP with our soda pop?

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