Washington Post analyzer declares Trump should ‘never’ get presidential library, urges Congress to block efforts

A Washington Post analyzer is calling for legislation preventing above Admiral Donald Trump from accepting his own presidential library.

In a allotment appear Thursday headlined: “Trump wants a library. He charge never accept one,” Post art and architectonics analyzer Philip Kennicott declared that while Trump may still be accepted in some genitalia of the country area he can accept “airports, bridges and schools” called afterwards him, he “must never accept an official presidential library, and Congress should move bound to accomplish abiding he never will.”

Kennicott predicted that Trump’s following of a presidential library will “cause added accident to the country.”


“That is why Congress should use this moment to amend the legislation that helped actualize and appearance the presidential libraries now administered by the Civic Archives, not aloof to anticipate Trump from perpetrating one last, behemothic grift, but to ameliorate the arrangement so it serves the country better,” Kennicott explained. “This is continued overdue, and would charge to be done alike if Trump weren’t aggravating to accession $2 billion for a Trump center. But his ambition to do so makes this urgent, alike an affair of civic security.”

The Civic Archives and Annal Administration’s Office of Presidential Libraries administers the libraries of every above admiral from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush. In accession to confined as day-tripper attractions, the libraries serve as repositories for papers, annal and added abstracts acceptance to the arch executive.


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Washington Post analyzer declares Trump should ‘never’ get presidential library, urges Congress to block efforts

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