Washington adds gender ‘x’ for licensing

Justin Ginther

Online Reporter

Residents of Washington now have a third designation for their driver’s license.

On Nov. 12, 2019, Wash. continued to pave the way for the LGBTQ community by providing the newest designation; ‘X’. According to the Washington Department of Licensing, the hearing was held back in August this year.

The DOL writes “This ‘X’ option is necessary to ensure that all Wash. residents have identity documents that match their gender identity.”

This new gender was mainly put in place to aid individuals who identify as non-binary or are transgender.

A non-binary person is someone who does not identify as male or female. This means when using non-binary pronouns–he, him, his or she, and her are incorrect. Most often a non-binary person will identify as–they, them, they’re–but it is always best to ask their preferred pronouns.

A transgender person is someone whose gender identity differs from what they were assigned at birth. While a transgender identity may differ from their assigned gender, this does not mean they are currently undergoing a process from one gender to the next. It’s just who they identify as and it’s important to respect their preferred pronouns. While someone who identifies as transgender may use the same pronouns as a non-binary– they, them and their–this person may also identify as male or female using their respective pronouns. However, never assume a transgender person’s preferred gender, it is either best to politely ask, wait for them to elaborate or listen for someone else to address them.

Wash. is the 17th state to allow gender ‘X’ as they continue to create equal representation for the LGBTQ community. The transgender and non-binary community specifically is ever-growing and having ‘X’ gender has created an opportunity for them to not be mislabeled.

Any individual can now have their gender on their driver’s license changed by emailing a Change of Gender Designation Request form, found on the DOL’s website, along with a copy of their valid DOL-issued document, to the address on the form.

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Justin Ginther

Washington adds gender ‘x’ for licensing

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