Volleyball season kicks off well

Women’s volleyball team has emerged on top.

Anna Palmer

The Pierce College volleyball team has emerged on top winning over half of their games. Much of the team’s success has come from the healthy teamwork and constant battling on the court.

“The team is very cohesive,” said fifth year coach, Doug Carlson. “We have a good squad. They’re all talented kids and great to be around.”

Every practice consists of working on different areas of the game, so they can improve their weak areas.

One of the strongest games the team has played this year was against Lower Columbia College where they won 3-0.

“Our blocking and serving and passing was just great,” Carlson said.

Despite the team’s success in this game and the year, they still have several goals they hope to accomplish before the season finishes. When the West Division Championships happen, the team hopes to be a participant.

“I want the team to play together and play hard all the time which we’ve already been doing,” Carlson said.

With Sophomore Brittany Smith as team captain, the team has been equipped with strong leadership and a willing attitude to help those who need it.

Some things Carlson hopes they can improve is their overall communication and cohesiveness when they play.

“It’s just part of the process of getting better and better,” said Carlson.

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Volleyball season kicks off well

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