Video Game Review: Dead Island Riptide

Joe Dennis gives Dead Island Riptide two thumps down.



Dead Island Riptide



Joe Dennis



Dead Island: Riptide is a tiresome and repetitive game. It’s reflective of the same process of the Dead Island without adding anything satisfying.

Due to the lazy storyline, familiar problems, like a majority of the missions being fetch quests and a failure of graphics to meet the expectations of Dead Island, the game is disappointing.

It’s safe to say that Dead Island: Riptide is despairing in a variety of ways. Every character in this game is as complex and intellectual as dirt, there is also a tendency of character turning calm situations into violent arguments.

Most decisions in the barbaric realm of Dead Island: Riptide are made by killing whatever stands in the characters way if they don’t get what they want.

Whoever thought screaming in a whiny and argumentative tone to get a point across would create conflict was wrong. For Sam B., who is voiced by Phil LaMarr, the incessant yelling to get one’s way only causes more problems in negotiation situations, such as saving the innocent civilians from blood thirsty zombies; a subplot that is also confusing.

When it comes to the zombies in Dead Island: Riptide, their backstory gets thrown under the clichéd zombie virus bus. At the end of the game it’s revealed that all five survivors who are immune to the zombie virus are turning into a zombie-human hybrid a “smart zombie” as indicated by the genius writers of Dead Island: Riptide.

Another annoying trait of this game that can’t be shrugged off is the constant movement of the characters from safe house to safe house.

Most missions end up costing an arm and a leg and always results in zombie hordes overrunning these sanctuaries. Sanctuaries that have mini guns and guard towers more than capable of holding off an undead mob. Sadly, common sense and logic make very rare appearances in Dead Island: Riptide.

This dysfunctional disaster known as Dead Island: Riptide has constant glitching that occurs during single and online multiplayer modes. Zombies getting stuck inside walls or items falling through the ground happen way too often. The game freezes up so much that it makes the glitching errors in games such as Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto IV seem docile.

Avoid this game! Nothing about it stands out making Dead Island: Riptide similar to Bioshock 2 as an unneeded sequel that shames the name of the original.

I give it: 0/0 stars.

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Video Game Review: Dead Island Riptide

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