Video Game Addiction

Tyler McMahan

Video games are seen in two ways: either recreational or extremely violent things that children consume which causes them to become more violent.

Studies show that video games don’t lead anyone to be more violent than they would if they didn’t play video games, but rather the opposite. Video game consumption has shown to mellow out people who have anger issues especially in kids.

Allowing someone to have the time in their busy lives to take a break from the day to day de-stress can be helpful for the mental health of a person, but of course all comes in moderation.

Video games allow people to escape from their daily lives and de-stress from the mundane worries and problems that occur; but with this can become a worrying effect.

With games being fun and relaxing, it can become apparent that people become

addicted to playing and forget about the other aspects of life.

The American Medical Association has defined a video game addiction as a mental disorder that occurs a lot in teens and young adults, but can affect anyone at any age.

The numerous symptoms of video game addiction can appear in many forms and have varying effects.

One of the larger symptoms is the loss of time, meaning that a person can go hours of not paying attention to anything going on around them. When they realize the actual time, multiple hours have gone by without them doing anything productive.

Another symptom of this addiction is the negative effect on aspects of life. Forgetting to interact with friends and family is a huge sign that someone has a disorder.

Another sign that someone is consumed by their video games is that they become strongly defensive and try to deny they have an issue; and then there’s the whole cliche of “I can stop whenever I want to” excuse in an argument.

Dealing with this addiction is similar to any kind of addiction, and that is to seek outside help and be aware of the problem. There are simple things that can be done.

First is to speak with a mental health professional to see what exactly is going on. It could be that the person is dealing with more than the difficulty to control their video game consumption.

When trying to help someone with an addiction, whether it be video games or something else, it’s important to be understanding and let the person speak their mind. When they’re frustrated, they partake in their addiction as their mind is telling them to.

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Video Game Addiction

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