Vidangel: a blessing from above

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Vidangel is an online movie renting service and is available on any device with Internet connection. Often compared to Netflix or Redbox, it’s another easy-to-use, cheap option for movie viewing. One difference is that Vidangel encourages filtering out the “negative” aspects of movies.

To watch a movie, it’s required for the user to set at least one filter. According to Vidangel, this is to offer a family-friendly movie watching experience. It also avoids infringing on current copyright laws.

The filters can casually skip scenes with violence, illegal activity, nudity or vulgarity while leaving the background noise on. The most common filters set are nudity for Game of Thrones, extreme violence out of action movies and Jar Jar Binks out of Star Wars.

According to their website, “it is all up to you, but we think the freedom to filter makes the world a little better place.”

For those who love the dirty bits of movies or simply don’t want to miss even a word, set a filter on the opening or closing credit; no one watches those anyway.

Vidangel sorts movies into three categories: popular, recent and inspiring. It also allows for sorting movies by rating and contains a separate section for TV shows.

To start a Vidangel account, someone must put in $20 to their prepaid movie credits. This is because Vidangel can’t legally rent movies. It can only sell them and buy them back. Therefore, someone purchases the movie for $20 and then within 24 hours can sell the movie back for $19 (or $18 for HD). Thus, the movie is basically rented for $1 (or $2 for HD).

To sell back a movie, someone would push the “sell back” button. There’s also an automatic sell-back feature to make this process even easier, which returns the movie after 24 hours.

A personal watchlist can be made, containing anything from The Lion King to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Vidangel is a lot like Netflix, except it contains movies people might actually want to watch. There’s even an extensive section just for movies that Netflix doesn’t have.

Some movies and shows can be found on both Vidangel and Netflix, but being $1 to watch on Vidangel, they’re cheaper on Netflix; however, for those without Netflix, a $1 show is a great alternative to missing an important plot twist or suffering through Hulu’s incessant commercials.

Vidangel could also be compared to Redbox, the only difference being it requires no trip to the local grocery store and doesn’t limit the viewers options to new releases.

According to Vidangel’s website, “Skip the red painted box. Stream movies for one BLEEPING dollar.”

If Vidangel doesn’t have the show or movie someone is looking for, users can simply suggest it and it’ll be available for viewing once 50 customers have requested it, which often happens much faster than expected.

With hundreds of movies and TV shows to choose from for only $1, Vidangel is the perfect go-to for any college student, whether that means Vidangel and chill, procrastination or just another lone movie marathon.

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Vidangel: a blessing from above

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