Veterans Club supports networking opportunities

Introducing the Veterans of America Club



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Many new clubs recently have been created, each offering a select interest.

One such newly developed program is the Pierce College Student Veterans of America.

Unlike other clubs, this chapter of the National Society for Student Veterans works more as a networking group than a club.

Club president Ryan Mitchell wanted to create the chapter in order to help others who have served in the military.

He knew from experience that after getting out of the armed forces, trying to accomplish simple goals can be difficult.

This is especially true when a person is given unclear directions, yet is accustomed to direct orders.

“When I first came to Pierce I was lost. I was trying to follow the five steps to enroll, but there were a lot of questions that I didn’t understand because I had just moved back from overseas, and I found that veterans can get a lot more help if they need it,” Mitchell said.

The importance of the club is to spread the word, and get available help to veterans. The club also allows veterans the option to talk to someone who has also been in the military, that way they’re comfortable with someone who understands what they’ve been through and are able to get the necessary help.

The club offers to help those newly transitioning out of the armed forces, and any other veterans, in any way. This includes helping them register at Pierce College, and aiding in contacting any other services in the community that will aid veterans.

In addition, as a result of the Pierce College Student Veterans of America being nationally recognized, and now being a chapter of the National Student Veterans of America, they have more options.

The chapter can offer more aid, scholarships, grants and even experiences for leadership improvement for veterans coming to Pierce College.

Currently, there’re about 10 members of the Pierce College Veterans of America, but the club has begun advertising, and hopes for more to join.

The club isn’t only open to veterans, but anyone who is interested in helping the networking process. Meetings will be held at the end of each month, but the location is still to be determined.

“The goal of this club is to focus on veterans by helping them network, and doing whatever else we can do to make college, and life, easier,” Mitchell said.

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Veterans Club supports networking opportunities

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