University of Washington students protest U.S. involvement in Vietnam

Vietnam protest at the University of Washington.

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Student protests aren’t a new idea; students have been protesting for different causes for many decades.

On May 5, 1970, one day after four students were killed at Kent State University in Ohio, University of Washington Seattle students took action and protested the shootings, the draft and the Vietnam War.

The students were killed at Kent State by National Guard troops during a protest about Richard Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia during the war.

The rally, with almost 5,000 participants, walked through downtown Seattle and onto Interstate 5, filling the highway and blocking off all traffic.

The march was peaceful, though state troopers were at the ready with riot gear.

UW Seattle was not the only college that decided to take a stand against the shootings, draft and the Vietnam War.

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“Two days after the Kent State incident, on May 6, police wounded four demonstrators at the University of Buffalo, May 8, eleven people were bayonetted during protests at the University of New Mexico and around 100,000 protesters gathered in Washington state to protest again.”

No one was mentioned to be injured in Washington state.

Nationwide more than four million students and 450 universities, colleges and high schools were involved with the protests, both peaceful and violent.

The protests started to make a difference by 1971, when President Richard Nixon began removing American troops from Vietnam and made changes to the draft that made it more fair.

Pierce College Puyallup student Midoli Cram believes she’d have supported the students and participated in the protests.

“Yes, of course I would have been involved. I don’t believe we should have been in that war in the first place.” Cram said.

Protestors can have a significant impact.

Pierce College Puyallup students attended the statewide Student Legislative Rally in Olympia on Feb. 7, where students’ voices could be heard and taken into consideration about important issues.

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University of Washington students protest U.S. involvement in Vietnam

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