Unexpected U.S. first at Sochi Olympics

Unexpected U.S. firsts at Sochi Olympics.

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The Olympic Games are more than an opportunity to win medals. It’s a time to bring countries together in unison since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. The United States took second place, behind Russia, with Norway and Canada close behind. The United States is accomplishing many firsts and making history in the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Erin Hamlin made U.S. history with a bronze medal in the luge event. She became the first American to win a medal in the single’s luge, with a time of 3 minutes and 21.14 seconds. This success includes both men and women single’s luge since the event first came to the Olympics 50 years ago. According to ESPN, Hamlin described winning the first single’s luge U.S. medal as surreal.

Twelve new events have taken place at the winter Sochi Olympics. One of them is women’s and men’s ski slope, where skiers can perform tricks through a downhill course as they move through a series of obstacles.

Pierce College student Kiana Norman commented on the historical change of adding women’s skiing.

“Girl power, it’s awesome girls are being looked at as serious athletes,” Norman said.

With changes like these, it sheds light on issues that arise when it comes to men versus women in this time and age.

History was also made in the first women slope style skiing event. Devin Logan, a U.S. Olympic competitor, won silver just days before his twenty-first birthday. According to the official Sochi Olympic website, Logan plans to celebrate her silver medal and her birthday simultaneously in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year is also the first year that Russia has held the winter Olympic Games. In 1980, the summer Olympics took place in Moscow. It has been debated about whether the Olympics should’ve taken place in Sochi.

Some students at Pierce have shared their views on how it’s turned out so far.

“I thought the opening ceremony was boring, the fact that it’s in Russia, it was inappropriate to build so much infrastructure for the Olympics,” Pierce College student Megan Cady said.

With every first comes a great debate, but it also leaves room for growth and possibilities of positive change.

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Unexpected U.S. first at Sochi Olympics

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