Umbrella Club hopes to be shelter for all

Umbrella Club has great aspirations for making changes for Pierce College and the community


Meagan Lucero


The Umbrella club members strive to make a difference at the Pierce College Puyallup campus.

“We will not be adding a desk or a resource center yet, but the plans are beginning to take shape,” Brian McQuay, legislative official for the Umbrella Club, said. “It will continue to be looked at over the next several months.

There’s still more in store for the Umbrella Club. It could even be seen as a revolution of change for Pierce College students. The Umbrella Club is starting an anonymous blog where students are able to send in questions that they need answered without the stress of anyone knowing their identity.

“The meeting went really well and Dr. Cavalluzzi was very accepting of our goals. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Cavalluzzi are both looking at different ways to ensure students are as successful as possible,” McQuay said. “They are understanding by making sure the diverse groups of students on the campus have the resources they need available to them, which will help with our goal.”

The Umbrella Club members also are working toward visiting the LGBT center at Bellevue Community College and to the Q center at the University of Washington Seattle.

They hope to find successful ways of how these colleges run their centers and how to use this knowledge to best to serve Pierce College Puyallup students.

More changes could be made to support the LGBT community. Programs such as the Umbrella Club are encouraging students and communities to accept the differences between individuals in society.

The Umbrella Club members are working to host events that bring the community together. The club’s official representatives will meet with Dr. Matthew Campbell, vice president for learning and student success, this month in hopes of making changes to the Pierce College Puyallup campus and community.

Club President Nicole Carroll and Public Relations representative Christina Crawford also are active officials in the Umbrella Club.

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Umbrella Club hopes to be shelter for all

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