Try these sickness home remedies this flu season

Elissa Blankenship

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With the flu season around the corner, home remedies can be key to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Suffering from a sore throat, runny nose, nausea or any other symptom from the cold or flu virus isn’t fun for anyone. There are many natural home remedies derived from plants and minerals for those who wish to strengthen their immune system. Using various natural remedies may help prevent illnesses or treat symptoms. Saltwater, aroma and topical oil therapy along with herbal teas and other home ingredients, may help with cold or flu symptoms.

Essential oils were natural plant-based oils used for spiritual needs by ancient Egyptians, according to Life Science Products and Publishing.

Essential oils and aroma therapy have helped with sleep deprivation and sinus relief, among other illness factors. Using a humidifier or diffuser to disperse essential oils and vapor into the air allows for the respiratory inhalation of steam particles. Flu viruses tend to survive indoors, as the dry air increases the chance of airborne spreading. I have found that breathing in steam and essential oils from a diffuser or warm pot of water may help to soothe your respiratory system from discomfort. I would recommend this technique, as aroma therapy was used by the ancient Egyptians and continues to be useful after its rediscovery.

Topical therapy is yet another way to both prevent and treat illnesses with essential oils. Different topical and diffusible oils such as peppermint and lavender can relieve symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, sinus and respiratory inflammation. Application of these oils on the skin supposedly allows absorption into the body and bloodstream. I have found that this concept only works with an oil blend called Stress Away, along with peppermint and lavender. Diffusing lavender at night or applying it to the wrists, temples, or chest helps after a stressful day. Among things like hydration, sleep is important for immune system health.

Other natural ingredients such as ginger, mint, lime juice, lemon juice, cinnamon and basil have been proven to help with nausea, vomiting, and other bodily issues. These can be signs of stomach or flu viruses. Finding a way to incorporate these ingredients into your diet may also relieve pain and muscle spasms in the intestines.

Zinc and other minerals can also be important factors for immune system health. Zinc increases the production of white blood cells, the cells which fight bacteria in the bloodstream. Mineral supplements or multivitamins may be useful if you don’t ingest zinc daily. There are plenty of foods that are high in zinc concentration such as red meat, lentils, chickpeas, eggs and nuts. Foods rich in zinc and other minerals have greatly helped my immune system’s bacteria-fighting abilities.

One of the most common sickness remedies is, warm saltwater rinsing for sore throats and the removal of mucous. Gargling warm saltwater has soothed redness and irritation for past congestion and head colds. Certain hot herbal teas such as green or black teas, turmeric, garlic, clove and ginger teas also have soothing properties. Some of these herbs contain antioxidant and anti-bacterial benefits which may help fight off flu viruses.

While these earthly home remedies may help our bodies fight off sicknesses and symptoms, they can’t be cured immediately. Try getting plenty of rest and drink fluids such as water, tea and juices to maintain good health. While colds are easier to treat without extra medication or antibiotics, always consider a visit to your doctor or clinic if you experience flu-like symptom

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Elissa Blankenship

Try these sickness home remedies this flu season

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