Twenty One Pilots released the album “Trench” on Oct. 5. Their music has only gotten better since their last album that was released in 2015 and diehard fans have been anxiously awaiting Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun’s next album. “Trench” is focused on the lead singer Tyler Joseph’s personal demons. By sharing his art he hopes others will find hope for their own personal insecurities.

The opening track on “Trench” begins with “Jumpsuit” and it smoothly transitions to “Levitate.” The rest of the songs have familiar sounds from their last album “Blurryface.

While the duo is known for their genre-blurring, each of the songs composed in Trench falls into backpack rap, ukulele beds or reggae.

Out of all the songs, one particularly pushed the limits: “Neon Gravestones.” The song brought about a strong and controversial message to their audience. The song starts off with emotional piano music before moving into a fast-paced, but solemn and complex, message about suicide.

Twenty One Pilots develop a kind of poetry and music that most popular culture artists stray from addressing. Whereas Dun and Joseph will discuss in-depth problems with the music industry, suicide and mental illnesses; many other famous artists focus on love songs. Out of Twenty One Pilots’ 14 songs, only one is about love; “Smithereens” is about Joseph’s personal relationship with his wife.

Strong messages and trend-breaking music is what anyone should expect when listening to the album. The art is full of emotional and passionate poetry consisting of important, but rarely addressed subjects. “Trench” is definitely not for the faint of heart.

I give this music album 4 out of 5 stars.

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Samantha Allred


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