Sound Transit partnership derailed

Student fees were expected to go down in 2011 as the third phase of Sound Transit’s cooperative venture with Pierce College was scheduled for completion this summer.

However, portions of territory where the rails for the new Link campus shuttle were planned to be installed have been shelved as off limits.

“The smoking shack was here first and they can’t just keep moving them,” said one student, identified only as Tatts.

It turns out he is correct, once the smoking shacks were installed the school is required to leave them in place for no less than three years.

Sound Transit rescinded its partnership with the school and has demanded the return of $1.73 million in advanced funding. A further $200,000 will be required to remove the train shed behind the HEP facility that was to house the six shuttle trains when not in use.

The unexpected costs will raise student fees from $15 per quarter to $325 per week. Students have the right to opt out of the higher fees by turning in a form to the registration office by March 20.






















































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Sound Transit partnership derailed

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