Top 10 sports superstitions

Top 10 sports superstitions.

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With the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl success, sports have been a frequent conversation topic for the faculty and students at Pierce College. To keep the conversation going, here’s a list of my favorite sports superstitions:




1. Staying in one spot: Some swear that if they get up and leave their spot during the game, the team will make a play that could ruin the entire game. It is possible that a superstitious fan will remain seated throughout the entire game despite any temptations that arise—they will not budge for bathroom breaks or football food.



2. Spitting: Although it sounds gross, it’s said to bring good luck if a player spits in their hand before picking up the bat.



3. The number 300: Having the number 300 on a license plate will increase a player’s score and make scoring a perfect game more likely.



4. Shooting a basket: The last player to shoot a basket during the warm-up game is more likely to have a better game than those that shot before him or her.


5. Sneakers: Wearing the same sneakers and wiping the soles of shoes before the game will bring the players good luck.


Ice Hockey

6. The sticks: It is considered bad luck for a player to store their hockey sticks crossed.



7. Routine: Many of the players will put their skates and pads on in the exact same order every game for good luck.


8. Beards: Players stop shaving when entering the playoffs and continue to do so until they get eliminated, win the championship or play so poorly that a change is in order.



9. Feet: For good luck, a cowboy will always put the right foot in the stirrup first. It helps them stay on the bull longer.



10. Throwing: Throw back the first catch for good luck in taking home a feast.


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Top 10 sports superstitions

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