Top 10 organizing tips for spring

Top 10 organizing tips for the spring

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With spring just around the corner, houses throughout the United States are being turned upside down for the sake of organizing and spring cleaning. Here are some tips to save time and trouble during the season.


Laundry room:

1This room can be simply defined as clothes, clothes and more clothes. An easy way to organize the laundry room is to take a trip to Ikea. It has fairly cheap shelving to help keep detergent and supplies, as well as folded clothes waiting to be put away. Ikea sells a painted drop-leaf folding table that can be mounted to the wall to provide a folding surface for only $30.



2Are countertops cluttered with useless items throughout the week? Set up a command center. Place mail bins, a dry-erase calendar, a magazine pocket/rack and a multi-slot organizer on the wall. This’ll help eliminate paper clutter on counters and leave more room for food preparation and cooking.



3Are children cluttering the house with too many toys? Donate all old toys to Goodwill or Value Village to support the community.

4Having pull-out bins under the bed is one way to store and organize many things if closet space is limited; has plenty of tubs for a cheap price.



5An over-the-toilet shelving system helps to get things off the counter and out of sight; some even hold towels and toilet paper.

6Taking wicker baskets and mounting them bottom down onto the wall can provide storage for washcloths or beauty supplies.

7Cutting short lengths of PVC pipe from the hardware store is an easy organizer for straighteners, hairdryers and curling irons. Simply mount the pipes onto the inside of the bathroom cabinets and place hair appliances inside them.


Living room:

8 Another way to use wicker baskets is to store magazines or books under the coffee table. The baskets will look a lot nicer than just stacks of random magazines, books and papers on the floor.


Home office:

9 Is paper clutter getting in the way? Start shredding as much paper as possible for recycling and save important papers in a filing cabinet. For a cheaper alternative to the filing cabinet, filing boxes are cheap and just as handy.

10 Wall shelving is another way to get things off the floor and display them in a more organized way. Ikea has great deals as well as, which has a wall of Elfa shelving for $130.


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Top 10 organizing tips for spring

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