Top 10 Movies to Watch before Graduation

Tyler McMahan

As the end of the year is rolling around it is the time to finally see what life is going to be lifelike, or more like what the film world says life is going to be like. For the end of the year it is time to watch the top ten movies that anyone should watch before they graduate whether it be high school or college.

American Pie

American Pie:

This teen classic that everyone should see before they graduate while it  deals with sex, drug, and the occasional party of the year. It also explains growing up  and dealing with becoming an adult all wrapped in in hilarity. Of course the movie  having more than half a dozen movies in the franchise, American Pie reunion was  released last year bringing back the original cast seeing now how this people deal with  being adults and those responsibilities.







Monty Pythone and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

This movie is comedy genius and any person should see it before it is too late and everyone starts talking about all the jokes and they’re left behind without any knowledge of what is being talked about. I tale of knights fighting and travelling and there is even a little bunny that seems to be the center of movie for a good chunk of it. This comedy is a must see for anyone about to graduate.








About Time

About Time:

This romance flick isn’t like any other romance film, we follow a guy going out into the world on his own for the first time, but before he can his father tells him he has the ability to go back in time and change the events in his life. Of course in comes the girl of his dreams and he has to do everything possible to get her, including time stalking her. This movie is a romantic’s dream with moving events and interesting twist to keep everyone interested.







The Craft

The Craft:

This movie may be but it is a cult classic in that four teenage girls dabble into the dark magic of the world and try to become the most popular people and get whatever they won’t with ease. Of course there is a power struggle with magic battles and the occasional girl fight over that is popular surrounded in jealousy. Everyone should see this bewitching movie before graduating, the drama alone with remind anyone of their school days.






Mean Girls

Mean Girls:

This movie basically sums up the early 2000s generation of teenagers and the way they interact, the drama of dealing with the “mean” girl and tearing her down from her pedestal to just get caught up in popularity the main character shows how high school life can go completely wrong. Of course this movie should be seen before graduation.







Practical Magic

Practical Magic:

Yes another movie about magic, but this one isn’t black magic, but rather white magic the natural magic of the world, and there is Sandra Bullock as the main character and who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock. This movie falls under a couple of genres romance, supernatural, and comedy. Going through two sisters trying to find love and deal with a grumpy ex. This movie is heartwarming and amusing and just two words: midnight margaritas.






Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect:

With singing, dancing and Rebel Wilson this movie is probably one of the best, yes there are some of the cliché things that occur in every movie, the rude head girl who hates the average girl who join the group out of some deal to get what she want to in the end fall in love with the group activity and then stay and run the group. Yes, it cliché but it’s funny and has all the catchy songs that everyone know, and pretty much everyone has seen this movie so why be left behind? Not to mention the sequel to the movie is right around the corner so might as well catch up.





The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

This classic movie with singing and many, many sexual innuendos but with Tim Curry in the leading role this movie is a college necessary movie. With every Halloween people flock to theatres to see the film and some live action performing going on with it, not to mention a crowd of people with universal inside jokes that go along with the movie everyone needs to see this. Also the time warp that is a necessary need to know.






The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back:

This movie follows the story of a 15 year old guy that is going on summer vacation with his mom, her boyfriend and the boy friends daughter. And with this comes the message of dealing with a divorced parent moving on with life and feeling that it does involve them. He ends up getting a job to get away from his mom and her boyfriend and there he learns how to have fun and meets people that he can consider friends. Now on the home front he deals with a mean teenage girl, a rude and degrading guy who is dating his mom, and a mother trying her best to make the situation good. The story shows how some people deal with divorced families and growing up not understanding completely why these things have occurred. A must see for anyone.




Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

Probably one of the best movies to show the change from a kid to a teenager and dealing with being somewhat antisocial to making some of the best friends ever. Seeing different teenagers dealing with things of life whether it is their sexuality, some relationship, getting into college or watching their friends having a hard time this movie covers everything. Also with a huge plot twist in the end and the resolution that can make any shed a tear or two. This movie should be seen either when graduating high school or college to understand the necessity of having friend and knowing that no one is alone and help is there for anyone.




Now all these are opinion, and there were so many other movies that were taken under consideration some of them were hard to not include as they are such great movies. But watch these and gather all the inside jokes and the heart felt stories.

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Top 10 Movies to Watch before Graduation

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