Top 10 boredom beaters

How to fight your boredom.



Shelly Beraza


As a college student, finding things to keep your eyelids from permanently closing is a challenge in itself. After perusing the internet, here’s a list of things to keep a student busy and having fun.


1. Smash book: For the creative and not so creative person, Smash books are a fun way to pass time. With plenty of options to buy at Michael’s for around $15, a person can “smash” ticket stubs, drawings, notes, lists and whatever else to make a messy-style scrapbook.


2. Movies at home: Get a group together and watch a couple movies. Include popcorn, soda and candies to make it feel like the movie theater but without the high price tag. Affordable movies can be rented at Redbox, online through a PS3 or XBOX or on Vudu or Hulu+. The options are endless.


3. Craft party: Go to the local dollar store and pick up some cheap dishes like glasses, plates or bowls. If using porcelain, sharpies are a good way to make fun designs. To make the designs permanent, bake dishes in the oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. For glasses, use enamel paint that is water-based and let your designs air dry (although it can take up to three weeks). To heat dry the glasses, place them in a cold oven and set to 350 degrees. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat after 20 minutes, but leave the glass in for another 10 minutes. Then, remove the glasses after the 30 minutes is up and enjoy.


4. Clothing Swap: A clothing swap is a cheap way to have fun and score some new gear with your friends. Have a group of friends bring all of their gently used clothes that they no longer want or that doesn’t fit and swap. It’s a great way to recycle without losing any money.


5. Yoga: If it’s fitness that makes the boredom go away, yoga is a great low-impact workout that can be relaxing and beneficial.

On, plenty of free videos are available during a 14-day-trial. After the trial, a monthly unlimited subscription to the site costs $15.


6. Read: Pick up the book that has been staring vacantly from the shelf and gathering dust. It helps to expand the mind and keep alert.


7. Play online: Online games are a great way to pass the time. gives unlimited options of one hour demos. Games include hidden object, adventure, and time management.


8. Organize: Maybe the office or house needs a facelift. Spend a couple spare hours organizing and cleaning up one room in the house. Maybe something that was lost will be found during the cleaning adventure. Even if it’s last on the list, cleaning can be rewarding and important.


9. Sleep: Why not catch up on some sleep? It’s called spare time for a reason, so no need to be bored when a nap is in order. Try to make sleep in intervals of 15 minutes so there isn’t an overwhelming feeling of grogginess.


10. Go on a walk: Go alone or take a pet. Getting out in the fresh air, or the light Washington rain, is a great way to use up spare time. Exercise is never a bad idea to get the heart pumping and releasing some happy hormones.

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Top 10 boredom beaters

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