Tony Mintz dreams of making it big on YouTube

Grace Amsden, Editor-in-Chief

A few years ago, Pierce College Puyallup student Anthony Mintz decided to take a major turn in his life: to be less serious about everything. He wanted to laugh and to make others laugh.

Mintz’s positivity extends to a daily, serious hobby of his: social networking. He says social media is the result of the new chapter in his life after graduating from high school.

“(High school) had basically been my life for four years. (I thought), what am I going to do afterward? How am I going to change myself? What’s the next thing I’m going to do? It turns out social media was the next thing – the next progressive step,” Mintz said.

Mintz began making YouTube videos in May. He purchased a DSLR camera in Nov. 2014 upon realizing he wanted to create videos for this purpose.

“I film everything, I edit everything. I have my own equipment, my own lighting. I realized if I wanted to do this, I wanted to do this professionally,” Mintz said.

After posting videos onto YouTube, Mintz said he started gaining subscriptions at about six per day.

After receiving an email from YouTube regarding an offer for a paid contract for his videos, he said he was caught off guard. After seeking more information, he accepted the contract.

Mintz says he believes YouTube viewers are surprised by his personality, as he considers himself to be bright, energetic and optimistic, and says it’s a key reason for new subscribers.

He makes video blogs, or “vlogs” which include skits and comedy acts. One of Mintz’s largest life goals is to make people laugh.

“I found that given that there is so much negativity and hatred in the world, being that one shining beacon and lighthouse of the world really helps. It draws people towards you,” Mintz said.

Mintz doesn’t want to be a comedian, however. After Pierce, he plans on attending Central Washington University for a degree in communications. He said that he loves communicating with people, and that’s why he’s been involved in activities such as band and theatre.

“I just like being myself and being able to be a mouthpiece to people,” Mintz said. “I have no stage fright. I love people, I love huge crowds, I love speaking in front of everyone.”

In the meantime, he has goals for his YouTube channel. He wants to ‘be up on the main stage’ in 2018 at Vidcon, a YouTube convention held in Anaheim. He also wants to hit 1,000 subscribers by this November, 10,000 by his birthday in June 2016 and eventually 1 million by his 21st birthday.

“I want to spread the positivity and the happiness up to one million people, in about two years. That’s my goal,” Mintz said.

Though exhilarated for the things to come for his YouTube channel, Mintz says he isn’t just focusing on the number of subscribers he can get.

“The numbers of course are fantastic and I love it, but my main goal is to make people laugh and just kind of enjoy their lives a little bit more,”  Mintz said.

Mintz says he’s looking forward to the future. His dream job is to have an occupation making videos for Youtube. He plans on moving to Los Angeles for this purpose.

“YouTube is one of the greatest jobs in the world because it’s self made. You don’t need to register, (you) don’t need to audition. All you need is just something to record yourself and a means of being ambitious and motivated,” Mintz said. “That’s all you need. Anyone can be a ‘YouTuber.”

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Tony Mintz dreams of making it big on YouTube

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