Tips to find a worry-free spot


Tabitha Arnold


Trying to find a parking space on campus between 8 a.m. and noon at Pierce Puyallup is about as easy as locating a palm tree in Western Washington. However, when temptation presents itself because the only available spot is not designated student parking, don’t give in.

Campus security officers are issuing tickets for parking lot violations. Getting caught in a spot that is off limits will mean receiving a parking ticket to deal with. Being two minutes late to class can’t be worse than a ticket, so take the time to find a spot that is suitable for student parking.

With campus security working around the clock to uphold the rules of the parking lot, a lot of people are worried about getting parking tickets this year. However, follow these tips and be fee-free for the rest of the school year:


• Being late to class is not an excuse for parking in employee, handicap, visitor or carpool parking. Park in student parking if you don’t want a ticket.


• If you are carpooling, get a carpool pass at the security office and put it on your car, otherwise you will receive a ticket for parking there.


• Employees can get tickets too. If you are an employee and haven’t picked up your employee parking pass then you’ll get a ticket for parking in their designated lot.


• Don’t come speeding onto campus and expect to get away with it, the speed limit is 10 mph and campus security can give you a ticket for exceeding it.


• The stop signs at the intersections are not suggestions, so come to a complete stop before proceeding.


If for any reason you have been given a parking ticket on campus, then there are certain steps that need to be followed to get it taken care of.

Students can pay the amount that is owed at the cashier or paying online at the ticket will be taken care of.

There also is the option of appealing the ticket and having it eliminated. If a letter explaining why the ticket should be disregarded is turned into the security office within five days of when the ticket was issued, then a traffic court date will be scheduled and there is potential for it to be removed.

Whatever course is chosen, make sure that some form of action is taken. Failure to respond to the ticket will result in the revocation of a student’s ability to add or drop classes, receive grades at the end of the quarter and register for classes. Remember that the best way to take care of a ticket is to avoid breaking the regulations in the first place.


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Tips to find a worry-free spot

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