Tips for students: How to transfer to a 4-year university

Important information for students wanting to transfer to a 4-year college/university.



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College administrators have found that more and more students are attending local community colleges before attending four-year universities. About 30 percent of all students who graduate from a four-year university have taken at least some classes through a community college. Pierce College students planning to transfer to four-year schools would do well to consider a few tips to help ensure a smooth transition.

When transferring to a four-year university, the first step will be obtaining admittance. The sooner that students know which college they will be attending the better; this will help ensure that they are able to tailor their goals at community college in order to meet all of the individual requirements specific to their university. Soon-to-be Pierce College graduates already should have been admitted to their university of choice, but all students interested in transferring will eventually need to submit their college applications.

Along the same lines, students are encouraged to decide which career path they will take as soon as possible due to the fact that the requirements may vary depending on the degree.

College degrees will have different course requirements at Pierce College and at the university level. However, students truly unsure of which area of study interests them could consider earning a more generalized degree.

Pierce students are advised to learn which class credits will and will not transfer to their chosen university. Depending on the university, certain class credits may not be eligible for transfer.

Students are strongly advised to double and triple-check with Pierce College, their chosen university and their faculty advisor in order to ensure that their hard-earned credits will not go to waste.

Students need to be sure they meet each and every requirement in order to be considered eligible for transfer.

Aside from knowing which credits will transfer, students should understand that in order to qualify for transfer they need to achieve certain grades in their classes as well as maintain a certain GPA. The Pierce faculty and student advisors are both invaluable assets for those looking for more information.

Students can learn more about Pierce College associate’s degrees and university transferring online at

Student services, such as the Pierce Allies, could also be helpful to students seeking further guidance.

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Tips for students: How to transfer to a 4-year university

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