Tips for students: Fun activities for the summer

Ten tips on what you can do for the summer.



Robert McRill


During the summer, some students spend their time attending classes, working full-time jobs, going on vacation or simply taking a well-deserved break. However students decide to spend their summer, here are 10 fun, not-quite-so-obvious summer activities:


1. Make homemade popsicles: You can use real fruit, food coloring, popsicle sticks; you can get as fancy as you would like. However, all that you really need is an ice cube tray full of your favorite Kool-Aid and you have a refreshing snack perfect for those warm summer afternoons.


2. Play outside in the dark: One night, get some friends together and go swimming, play basketball, play tag, draw with chalk, pick flowers—anything that you think would be fun to do during the nighttime. Remember to be safe; wear light clothing, stick together and steer clear of roads.


3. Color in a coloring book: Purchase one featuring your favorite cartoon characters and set personal guidelines that you have to abide by—color outside of the lines, color upside-down and never color something the color that it would be in the real world (no red apples); Get creative.

4. Give homemade goods: Surprise your family or friends (or both) with freshly baked cookies or brownies on an otherwise usual day. Doing something special for someone you care about completely out of the blue will make his or her day.


5. Have a water balloon fight: It doesn’t matter how old you get–water balloon wars are always cool on a hot day.


6. Plant flowers: Go to the market and pick the prettiest, most colorful flowers you can find. If you live in a house, plant them in the backyard. If you live in an apartment, you can plant them in a ceramic pot by the window or in a planter on the porch.


7. Play board games: When was the last time that you had a family game night? Break out the old school board games, bring snack food and spend your Saturday night playing Candy Land with your family.


8. Go camping in your living room: Clear tables, chairs and couches, and set up a tent in the middle of the floor. Turn off all the lights and sleep with sleeping bags, pillows and flashlights. If you want to get really into it, purchase hundreds of glow-in-the-dark plastic stars and place them all around the room.


9. Watch a competitive cooking show: Watch it as if it were a football game. Invite friends, make snacks, order pizza, drink soda or beer (if age-appropriate) and really get into it. Pick a chef and root for them like crazy.


10. Create a scavenger hunt: Whether you have a younger brother or sister, a niece or a nephew or you have children of your own; make a trivia scavenger hunt just for them. All it takes is a pad of Post-it notes and a brain full of ideas. You can use trivia from a favorite television show and award surprises each time that they figure out a new piece of the puzzle. The bottom line: Make it fun.

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Tips for students: Fun activities for the summer

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