Tips for students: Easy ways to Recycle

Steps toward a greener lifestyle

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It’s not that easy going green. Oftentimes, even though students would like to start conserving, recycling and reusing, they don’t know what steps to take to get started.

If students can learn to conserve the resources that they use at home, then they will be well on their way to minimizing excess waste.

According to Lynnette Khalfani-Cox of, 5-10 percent of energy bill expense comes from leaving appliances plugged into outlets around the clock. When the average American household spends roughly $1,900 a year on energy bills, 5 percent is nothing to scoff at. Simply keeping appliances unplugged can save money.

However, unplugging everything that uses electricity can be tedious. Time-restricted students might consider sparing just enough time to unplug specific appliances that tend to eat up much more energy over time. Students looking to cut energy costs should make a conscience effort to unplug TVs, dvd/blu-ray players, speakers, desktop/laptop computers, monitors, iPod docking stations and lamps.

Another excellent way to conserve energy is to take showers and wash dirty laundry in cold water. This will minimize cost as well as waste.

One thing that a majority of college students do not seem to realize is when they are being wasteful with water. The US government is very drought-conscious; water conservation is extremely important. To conserve water—simply don’t leave it running.

Showering uses roughly 2.5 gallons of water every minute. The average shower length in America is about 10 minutes. Taking shorter showers is much more efficient.

Occasionally, students get so hung up on recycling that they don’t think about reusing things. Consider donating old, unwanted items to community charity centers. There are people who greatly benefit from the items that get donated.

On the flip side, students don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on designer jeans when they could instead find and reuse something comparable (and far less expensive) from a local thrift store. Reusing is a great way to conserve resources and save money.

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Tips for students: Easy ways to Recycle

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