Tips for getting a new job

Finding a job now is difficult enough as it is. Being a student and trying to find a job is even harder

Jaimie Gruggett

The Puyallup Post

Finding a job now is difficult enough as it is. Being a student and trying to find a job is even harder.

How do students go about finding a job when they need to compete for the jobs with people who have more experience than them?

Here are some easy tips for students to can follow in order to increase their chances of landing jobs.

n Dress nicely when asking for applications at a store or restaurant. Dressing appropriately shows that applicants are dedicated to finding jobs.

n When turning in an application, include a resume. It looks good and sets someone apart because he or she put in the extra effort.

n Even if someone doesn’t get a call for a job interview, stay confident.

n Stay organized. Remember where and when applications were turned in.

n Call back periodically to check to see if a business still is hiring. This shows someone is in working for them and willing to take an extra step.

n When called or an interview, make sure to practice answering questions before the actual interview. This way an applicant won’t appear as nervous and will be more confident in front of the potential employer.

By following these few simple tips, it will make someone appear more confident and capable of doing a good job.

Employers will be able to tell that someone went to the extra effort and this will set him or her apart from the other applicants.

The most important item to remember is that, even if you don’t get the job, there will always be another opportunity so don’t give up.

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Tips for getting a new job

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