Tips for creating a healthier you

As the holiday season approaches, here are some tips to create a healthier you.


Kristen Phillips



As the holiday season approaches, here are some tips to create a healthier you.


Don’t buy snacks from the store: Take initiative, be creative and make your own snacks. If you eat processed, packaged or canned food, much of the nutritional value is lost and replaced with empty calories and unnecessary sugars and carbs. Wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual and cut yourself an apple, make yourself a healthy sandwich, bring along a water bottle or pack some carrots and celery. You will save money and unnecessary carbs.

Drink lots of water: Water is essential for the body. Feeling tired? A common cause of fatigue is dehydration and drinking water can actually increase energy levels. Water is proven to moisturize skin, giving a natural glow to your outward appearance. Water also increases your metabolism and helps to maintain a healthy body weight.

Park farther away: Instead of aimlessly circling the parking lot in search of that one perfect front-row spot, take the first spot you see. Even though walking the extra 20 yards seems time consuming, you will actually save yourself time, gas and you’ll benefit from exercise.

Eat protein in your breakfast: Research has shown that the time of the day you eat protein affects your feeling of fullness throughout the day. Train yourself to start the day off right; incorporate eggs, leftover vegetables as fillings for an omelet, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, whole grains, wraps and smoothies into your breakfast. With a little planning, mix it up and have fun being creative in eating the most important meal of the day.

Shop around the outside of the grocery store: Most store layouts have their healthier foods around the outside edge of the store. Start your shopping with the perimeter of the store and include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, low fat dairy, nuts and whole grains. Avoid the central part of the store, which offers eye captivating but highly processed, packaged, and frozen foods.

Get plenty of sleep: Each person varies on the amount of sleep they need, however sleep is a necessary and vital part to functioning at your highest potential. Loss of sleep hurts attention, executive function, working memory, mood, quantitative skills, logical reasoning and even motor dexterity.

Be around people that encourage you: The people you surround yourself with shape your character. Be around people that support and affirm you in your decisions and as a person.

Hug someone: Rumor has it that if you hug 10 people a day, it is proven to make you feel better. Hug someone, or if that is not in your comfort zone, smile at someone. You never know, it just might make their day and yours as well.

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Tips for creating a healthier you

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