Thriftshop Throwndown: Shawna Do

Shawna Do competes for the best bargain for clothes.



Joe Dennis


Value Village in downtown Puyallup is a great place to find stylish seasonal outfits at prices less than $25. With a majority of the space occupied by clothing, Value Village has a wide selection of tops, pants, dresses, shoes and many other kinds of clothing lining the racks of the narrow aisles. Accessories such as handbags and earrings also are available. These range in price from $2 to $10. Smart shopper Shawna Do chose a laid-back yet sharp summer outfit perfect for battling the grueling and unforgiving heat of summertime in Western Washington.

Do’s outfit consists of an aubergine sleeveless medium top with khaki-colored Dockers women’s capris, footwear includes brown Hillard & Hanson heels. Coming in at $20.75, this outfit is perfect for clear days where the temperature begins to cook green grass into a dry yellow color. Given the price of clothing and other items such as dishware and books, many customers who flock to Value Village can be sure that price is not a problem when it comes to finding a good way to stay fashionable and cool this summer.


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Thriftshop Throwndown: Shawna Do

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