Thrift stores are in for the holidays, too

Buying costumes on a budget.




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Dressing in costume on Halloween night is as major of a tradition as carving a pumpkin. However, while cutting out eyes and scooping guts out of a pumpkin only costs a few dollars and patience, a costume is not nearly as inexpensive.

Today, a new costume at a store can easily cost from $30-$80. For many, this is quite the price for a one-night outfit. Alternative options to spending this much on a costume while still being able to dress up are available.

For those who enjoy do-it-yourself crafts, making a costume is a possibility. Stores such as Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft, Michaels or other sources such as Pinterest and certain magazines all offer patterns and ideas for creating costumes.

Those who do not wish to spend a lot on a costume or create it can also get them from other places. Thrift stores are a great option. Value Village in Puyallup hosts an entire section in the front that promotes Halloween.

There are already complete costumes that range from $16-$40 as well as many accessories like wigs and wings for sale in the store. However, also present is the option of creating a costume. There are even specific consultants at Value Village that will help anyone.

“What’s fun about our store is it’s a thrift store so you can make whatever you want,” costume consultant Jess King said. “We are here to make costumes specifically on any budget you have.”

Creating a go-go dancer costume out of a blue sequin dress, boots and an afro wig only costs $24 at Value Village. Generally, a costume can cost this much without shoes or a wig, so creating one at a thrift store saves a bundle.

“Dressing up when you get older is hard because the costumes get more expensive and kind of risqué,” student Megan McCullough said. “But by making one it lets you be creative and have fun, it saves money and you are exactly what you want.”

For those who wish to spend no money on dressing up, there is always the option to trade old costumes with a friend, or make a costume out of already owned clothing and household items.

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Thrift stores are in for the holidays, too

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