Thor hammers expectations


Thor was the perfect Marvel superhero movie, from the clanging battle scenes and the dazzling graphics to the underlying emotional struggles and humble love story. It was everything expected of it and more.

The best thing about the movie had to be the graphics. Asgard, Thor’s realm, was gorgeous with its golden spires, glowing mountain backgrounds and sparkling rainbow bridge. The graphics of the movie magnified the technology and bounty of Asgard and the cold wastelands of Jotunheim, the realm of the Frost Giants.

The plot flowed successfully as it switched back and forth between Earth, Asgard and Jotunheim.  And the acting was great too. Thor, his brother Loki and his father Odin were all realistically represented.

The emotional struggles weren’t too cheesy either. When Thor was sad or angry, it was regal and just what you would expect from a Norse god.

Thor’s arrogant pride made audiences laugh, and his change from an immature and stubborn young man to a wise and humble prince warmed audiences’ hearts.

The short but sweet love story side of the movie was just enough to balance out the violence and tension throughout the movie.

There were only two problems with the movie. It was very far off from the comic books, and some parts of it were unrealistic.

Most superhero movies are different from their original comic book plots, but this was more off than usual.

Two parts of Thor were noticeably unrealistic. Even with all the technology possessed by the advanced race of Asgardians, they still rode horses. It seems like they would have at least had cars, if not hover vehicles, with all the technology they had.

Also, if they are really supposed to be Vikings or similar to Vikings, the Asgardians should have all looked like Norse people, and Norse people were all tall with pale skin and light colored hair. Yet the movie had one Asian character and one African-American character.

Movie makers could have made it more realistic by creating different races within Asgard, similar to how we have different races on Earth, but the movie only showed Norse-looking Viking people with two people of minority races thrown in.

Equality is great, but adding one Asian and one African-American to a whole nation of white Vikings is less political correctness and more stereotyping. It seems like they tried to stay true to the Norse background, but then tossed two minority characters in at the last minute so they wouldn’t offend anyone.

But, if offending people is what Marvel was worried about when they threw those two characters in, then they shouldn’t have had one of the other characters call the Asian character “Jackie Chan.” That is obviously worse than having all the Norse people be white, making it historically correct.

Their reasons behind that aspect of the character variety are a mystery, but other than those couple of flaws, Thor was perfect.

I give it four stars.

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Thor hammers expectations

by Katie Ardmore time to read: 2 min