Theaters or home viewing?

Joe Dennis argues in favor of going out to theaters.



Joseph Dennis


While to some it may seem like a chore, every year millions of people in the U.S. venture to the movie theater. DVDs and Blu-ray, while convenient, can’t compare to the excitement of watching a movie in an actual theater. A theater not only provides a larger screen for the movie-goer to enjoy the film, but it also captures the scale of the movie and has the better sound quality. Movies such as Lord of the Rings or Saving Private Ryan are a great example of films that should be seen in theaters. Their musical scores accompanied with grandiose battle scenes show off the movie’s size.

Size alone is not the only reason to go to the theater. The shared interactions with the audience members offers a form of camaraderie because of social interactions.

With online movie piracy, theaters are now becoming threatened by the hermetic lifestyle of never having to leave home.

Part of the thrill of going to the theater is the anticipation of seeing something great along with film previews that may generate interest in the future. There is nothing better than shared laughter during particular scenes that can get the whole audience going. These scenes have more of an impact later when discussing the movie.

If it weren’t for theaters, movies like the Rocky Horror Picture Show would have lost a majority of its cult popularity because of audience participation. Audience participation does not solely stick to the theater, technically speaking.

Participation includes the mere mentioning of the film and whether it was memorable. In our attention deficit world the theater offers people a venue without interruptions.

Box office profits are a huge part of whether a film is considered financially successful or not. Without movie theaters, many series and singular films would not have had as much social following or financial success. While prices for concession are ridiculously overpriced, movie-goers should not be deterred from seeing the next big blockbuster.

Going to the theater is a socially gratifying experience that promotes the art of film while DVDs promote this art as a consumer product. Movie theaters will never become extinct because of its many merits that can’t be duplicated at home.

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Theaters or home viewing?

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