Theaters or home viewing?

Mackenzie Hendricks advocates for at home viewing.



Mackenzie Hendricks


A nearby couple is talking in whispers, and by them another person is munching on their $5 popcorn loudly. When you focus your attention back on the movie, you can’t help but wonder if this was worth your $10.

Distractions are one of the most frustrating reasons to avoid viewing a movie in the theaters. More often than not, especially if you go to a new release during the first week, the auditorium is crowded with people. As can be predicted, common courtesy during the movie might not be as important to some people as texting a friend.

Even worse, is that large group of people who see the movie theater as a social gathering rather than entertainment.

Although the screen is admittedly much larger than one you would find at home, and also an impressive surround system, these features also have their downfalls.

Noise level may vary from person to person as the appropriate level, too loud or too quiet. In a movie theatre you can’t reach for a remote to turn down the volume.

As for the screen, the visual magnitude occasionally can be overwhelming. Or, in other situations, the large screen might not be large enough when faced with a tall stranger seated directly in front of your line of vision.

There’s also the inconvenience of being unable to pause the movie. If you want to get up for more food, use the bathroom or answer a phone call, you have to miss a portion of the movie to do so.

For $10, and perhaps the extra $10 for overpriced snacks, one can purchase the movie when it comes out. Then you can be in control as to when, where and how you watch the movie, and you will most likely be more comfortable curled up in a blanket on your couch than in the movie theater chairs.

Unless the movie is the greatest film of the year, it’s certainly worth waiting a few months to put it on your movie shelf and escape the costly, unsanitary irritation of a movie theater.

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Theaters or home viewing?

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