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Robert McRill gives The Walking Dead television series two-thumbs up.



Robert McRill


The Walking Dead is a television series about a man with high moral values attempting to maintain his identity in a post-apocalyptic world where human kindness and civility are rapidly approaching extinction. The whole show centers on this single idea. But how much can he take before he is forced to compromise those own ideals?

Developed by Frank Darabont, it originally aired in October 2010 on the AMC channel.

The story of The Walking Dead is taken from the comic book series of the same name written by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Andrew Lincoln plays the main protagonist, police officer Rick Grimes.

After waking from a coma, Grimes learns that the hospital in which he had been staying is now completely abandoned save for the presence of “walkers” (a Walking Dead term for the stereotypical zombie).

Intent on finding his family in the midst of the chaos, Grimes makes his way out onto the walker-infested city streets. Though a commonly used zombie-apocalypse setting, the series never feels dull due to the vast array of colorful characters that Grimes meets along the way.

Easily the highlight of the production, Darabont has done an excellent job with the character interactions. A majority of the episodes seek to build upon each character’s own personal back-story as well as the current relationships between the survivors. Because character dynamics play a key contributing factor toward the pacing of the show, this may cause some to find the story slow.

However, those people would be missing the entire point—the group dynamics make the show what it is.

Though the series can seem slow, each season reaches a truly edge-of-your-seat climax.

Thanks to a stellar cast and a gripping story, The Walking Dead is a perfectly spectacular production and one that I recommend highly to any intellectual viewer.

Anyone capable of appreciating the immense emphasis placed upon the story will be in for an absolute treat. Those are the audiences that The Walking Dead will leave wanting more.

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The Walking Dead

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