Front Cover of the 2019 SLAM edition. (Photo Credit: Dr. Samuel Snoek-Brown)

The Student Literary Arts Magazine of Pierce College accepts entries for the 2021 edition

The Pierce College Student Literary Arts Magazine, now in its twenty-second year, continues to collect literature and visual artworks for this year’s publication, in addition to publishing a digital issue of the 2020 edition by the end of spring quarter. 

SLAM is an annual publication exclusively made up of Pierce College students’ writing and artwork. Since 1999, the magazine has published a free print edition each May that’s available at the Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup campuses. The SLAM editorial board, which consists of student interns and faculty from the English and Arts and Humanities departments, chooses the best pieces for publication.

Regarding the 2020 edition of SLAM, Dr. Samuel Snoek-Brown, SLAM’s coordinator, the production of the magazine was put on hiatus until campus re-opens from the lockdown. He thought the magazine could be printed fall quarter but was unable to because of the campus closures. Starting fall quarter, Snoek-Brown began thinking about how SLAM might look in the future.

“When we went on lockdown was exactly the time that I would start working with students on producing the print issue, but once we knew that we weren’t going to do that, I kind of put that process on hold,” said Dr. Snoek-Brown.

Snoek-Brown says he has always wanted to create an online version of SLAM for content to be easy to share and readily available in addition to the print issue. 

This year, both the 2020 and 2021 print publications will be composed into one magazine and will be available on both campuses. 

“We’re gonna have both. It’s not gonna be like one or the other thing. Whatever shows up online will also be on print and vice versa,” said Dr. Snoek-Brown.

Prior to COVID-19, SLAM would organize a release party to celebrate the new arrival of that year’s issue. The party is open to the public and winners of each SLAM category would be given the opportunity to read or discuss their prize-winning works. 

Each year, one student is selected for an award in the categories of visual art, short story, and poetry by SLAM editors. These winners get recognition at the beginning of the print magazine. 

Pierce College alumna Nadine Nabass graduated in 2017 and won the Best of Poetry award for four of her poems. The SLAM magazine was the first place Nabass ever saw her writing in print. 

“Seeing that I was able to get published and my work is in a book and people are reading it and liking it, it really encourages me to submit to other journals and other magazines,” said Nabass.

The poem “A Grin Worth Galaxies” is one of the four award-winning entries by Nadine Nabass published in the 2017 edition of SLAM. (Photo Credit: Nadine Nabass) 

Awards for the 2020 edition are still under review. In addition to the three award categories, this year a new donation was made in support of a new SLAM award, which will be given to an artist with written work. SLAM editors are working on establishing this award for the 2021 publication. 

Submissions for the 2021 SLAM issue are now open. Students who wish to have their work in the 2021 publication can submit their pieces until June 18. Students can submit poetry, drama, artwork, photography and prose. To read more about each genre’s guidelines and to submit work, visit SLAM – Submission

According to Snoek-Brown, SLAM offers students the opportunity to express themselves and allows them to start building their platform.

“If you have a story that you think is worth hearing, if you think you have a story that’s worth saying, I would definitely recommend sending it and there is nothing like seeing your writing in a book. It’s the coolest thing ever,” said Nabass.

Interviews and article by @cpaezreporting on Twitter.

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The Student Literary Arts Magazine of Pierce College accepts entries for the 2021 edition

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