The rainbow of love

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m so confused: which color to choose?

Sarah Erickson


Decisions, decisions, so many to make. In the book about what men know about women, is a blank page where the flower color meanings are supposed to go. Men don’t realize how much time women spend thinking about relationships. It’s easy for women to over analyze flower colors and possible meaning attached to it. Significantly with roses, the wrong color and message can possibly be detrimental to a relationship. Let the rose speak on your behalf.

Red – true love. I belong with you like red on a rose, my heart burns with passion for you.

Pink – admiration and attraction, a lusty to true love. I love you because you are sweet, beautiful and desirable; you bring out the romance in me.

Peach or orange – a new passion and sincerity. I am grateful to know you, my affections have been restless and I can feel the fire about to ignite.

White – purity and innocence, a beginning. I humbly respect you and while I reserve any expectations, I secretly hope for a soul connection.

Yellow – friendship or rejection. Although friendship is a relationship virtue, a romantic interest would not agree and feel rejected. I greatly appreciate our friendship.

Lavender – respect and love. You have mesmerized and enchanted my heart I think I am in love with you.

Blue – rare. I have attained the unattainable for you; I acknowledge the rarity and uniqueness that makes you incredibly special to me, you deserve it.

Combinations can help. Combine two or three colors to send a specific message. You can get 11 of one color and one of a different color to help your message stand out.

Red and white – eternal unity, soul mate love. Orange and purple – show interest and desire for more.

Yellow and red – you’re more than a lover, you’re my best friend.

White and blue – I see you and you are beautiful the way you are.

Pink and blue- I love you because you are special to me.

Pink and white – can mean you love them and hope you will become more committed and intimate in time.

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The rainbow of love

by Sarah Erickson time to read: 1 min